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ADN Email has features like maximum inbox delivery, advanced analytics, email automation & more to help your business grow.

Maximum Inbox Delivery

ADNemail promise to send the maximum number of emails in the inbox of your customers. Therefore, maximum return on Investment.

Flexible Design

With ADNemail creating an email marketing template is so easy that anyone can do it. Just drag, drop, click and you’re all set.

Advanced Analytics

Nowadays, everything is going data-centric. ADNemail will demonstrate you how many people have received the emails, how many people have opened the emails and how many people have unsubscribed the emails. With many relevant data which will help you to make the proper decision.


You are overloaded with so many works. You don’t have time to execute individual email marketing campaigns or you want to send emails at a time after the office hours. With our email gateway, you can schedule your emails.


You can create multiple campaigns with the different group of people. You can also segment your customers so that you can email your customer whenever you want with ADNemail

Easy OCR

Easy OCR can grab phone numbers and email addresses from images. You can use it to build your own database of mobile number or email addresses for SMS or Email Marketing. Easy OCR is Free for some selected packages. Please contact us for details.

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