Why you need email marketing for your business

Why you need email marketing for your business

Before the digital era, how did businesses interact or communicate with the customer? Well there were many ways by going door to door with a promoter, giving flyers to people on the road, let the customer use a bit of your product or services, Celebrity endorsement (still popular but expensive), getting referrals, starting a contest and more. Now in this busy world most of these won’t work plus some of the method mentioned here requires lot of effort like if you want to give flyers to people on the road that says about your product and services you need to first, get the design ready than print that design (mostly takes 2-5 days). After receiving your print on your hand you need to figure out where and where you want those to be distributed. So, you start doing a solid plan based on your data, after that you need promoters/people those who will distribute those to your potential customers and you have done it. Seems easy right? But for this, you need manpower, time and planning. There you go you have just learned a pre-historic way of communicating with your potential customers. Are you planning to do this in this digital era, please start after 1-2 days you will see your flyers are on the roads mostly everywhere you distributed. Well, you see nowadays people do have time for all this when you approach people on the go they often get irritated with no time in hand your flyers final destination becomes the road!! This is bad. Isn’t it wasting money, resources but not getting any return? I am not saying your return will be zero but it won’t be as much as the effort you gave on it.

Oh, don’t scratch your head now! In this digital era, there are lots of cost-effective ways to communicate with your customers directly –

  1. Email Marketing
  2. SMS Marketing
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Ask for referrals
  5. Write a survey or poll & many more

Now, today I am going to talk about the Email marketing, well because it is the most important and effective way to communicate with your customers directly both new and old.

Here is why

  Email Facebook Twitter
Total number of users 2.6 billion 1.7 billion 313 million
First online “check” of the day 58% 11% 2%
Use this channel at least daily 91% 57% 14%
Prefer this channel for permission-based promotional messages 77% 4% 1%
Most frequently used channel for personal messages 45% 12% 0%
Users check here for a deal from a company they know 44% 4%
Users who made a purchase as the result of a marketing message from this channel 66% 20% 6%
Customers Acquired 7% <1% 0%
Inbox Placement Rate/Organic Reach 79% 1-6% <1-30%
Open/Click-Through/Engagement Rate 18% OR / 3.7% CTR 0.07% 0.03%
Distribution of Global Content Sharing Activities 4% 57% 18%
Delivers an Excellent ROI 21% 15%
Customer Lifetime Value +12% +1% -23%
Ownership Full ownership Account can be terminated Account can be terminated


Source: www.optinmonster.com


Just read the data and you will understand why I was saying email marketing is the most effective one of all. It is easy and super cost-effective and you can do this single handed.

Why you need email marketing for your businessJust think Corporate people, Students, Entrepreneurs businessman who does not use email, well everyone does.  So what is more effective than email marketing in this digital era?

With email marketing you can –

  1. Generate leads
  2. Reach new Customers
  3. Recur old customers again
  4. Build credibility
  5. Build your brand
  6. Boost sale
  7. Reach people on any device
  8. Get more by doing less
  9. Be professional
  10. Increase Traffic
  11. Market with a Personal touch
  12. Get result
  13. Start Conversion with your potential customers & Finally
  14. Grow your business


So, there you go that is why you need email marketing and while you are thinking of doing email marketing do visit ADN email a Local Bangladeshi service with Global features.



Why you need email marketing for your business

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