What Not to do In Email Marketing

We all may have made mistakes in term of Email Marketing. To keep your Email marketing campaigns on point, we have put some of the biggest mistake and how you can fix it.

What Not to do In Email Marketing
1. Taking a decision to do A/B Testing

A/B testing lets you overwhelming results if you nail it perfectly. However, sometimes less than expected result from poor testing decision can lead to lack of sleep. Wastage of time and money.

There are few common testing errors that can cause bucks-

-You need to have a qualified amount of data for your Email marketing campaign.

-In order to make sure your test reach a significant level.

– Keep looking at the average open rates for your targeted audience and select the sample size.

-Also, if possible run two or three tests before confirming the campaign.

-Avoid too many variables for A/B testing. It’s easy to test more than one variable because you are able to measure the impacts on a small scale.

2. Poor Email Database

Most email probably comes into the database through a select in process. Many marketers choose the single opt-in method because it allows you to capture more subscriber. This comes with the cost of acquiring fake emails or emails with a syntax error.

Also, lower sender reputation, less email open rate, less qualified emails. But with a proper filter practice in the place, you are able to clear up your database over time to time to maintain a healthy email database.

Email Marketing
3. Re-engagement campaigns

Email marketer has a database of subscribers with as many as people who are classified as “inactive”. You can run activation campaigns to target subscriber who hasn’t engaged with your email recently. You can determine who still wants to hear from you and who doesn’t want to hear from you. Then you can clean out your email lists according to that.

4. Clear subject lines

Clear subject lines are more consistent with the body of your email. In some statistics, clear subject lines receive more than 54% more clicks. Clear subject lines might create curiosity to your subscriber. Eventually, lead you towards your goal to achieve higher click-through rates.

5. Stop Using distorted content

Using misleading contents then this is the easiest way to lend you as a spammer. Let’s take a look on contents that could be known as misleading-

– Things like RE: FWD: in the message subject, implying that your email is some kind of response to earlier contact.

– Avoid subject lines that make promises

– Spam contents like direct selling offer or requests

– Most Email spam messages are commercial in nature. That’s why they are directly sent in the spam folder.

– Sometimes Emails contain URLs to a website. If the Website is not appropriate then it might send it to spam.

6. Email address or from a name is “no reply”

A lot of Email marketer make this mistake. Sending emails from admin or no reply instead of using real email addresses. If this habit of sending Email from real email address is continuously practiced.  The audience will grow and they like to interact with humans more frequently. When businesses send email marketing campaigns using no-reply. They are dropping out on engagement. In fact, no-reply is similar to asking your potential clients not to talk to you again.

These are just a few don’ts of what not to do in Email Marketing.  These are the best example that you can follow for your Email Marketing campaign.

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