How to write catchy email subject lines for email marketing

Well as you know email marketing is the most effective way to communicate with your customers/clients. Email marketing can help you to get close to your customers/clients and help you build the relationship you always wanted to build with your customers/clients if you can put a catchy email subject lines. As all the digital marketer says email marketing is more effective than any other way of marketing. Although it has not become that much popular in Bangladesh but the scenario is changing as all most every Banks does email marketing to promote their services and other companies are also picking the email marketing as one of the main weapons like e-commerce, Real states & many more.

How to write catchy email subject lines for email marketing

When you do an email marketing campaign to all of your customers/clients you need to keep in mind few things like –

1. Your Subject should be accurate, simple and on point so that your customers can understand what’s inside.

2. You email marketing templates are important like – Images, a text should be meaning full.

3. There should a concrete value proposition for the customers.

4. Email should be very large as some of your customers might be on Data connectivity and they won’t like a large email.

5. Send the email to proper audiences, example if it’s a Luxury watch you are offering make sure the customers you are sending email to are capable of buying your product or else your customers might get offended and will not notice your emails in future.

Now, let’s talk about the importance of Subject line for your email marketing campaign.

No matter what they say, individuals do judge emails by their subject lines, it’s so critical to create subject lines that are compelling sufficient to induce individuals to tap through.

Here are some best things you can do for your subject line, Make it–

1. Story based- It should tell a story as a dull subject line is most likely to be ignored.

2. Timeliness and Relevance- Make sure you are sending the right subject to the right audience within the right time.

3. Personalized-Make your subject line relatable to your audience, it is very important for your email marketing campaign.

4.Evoke Curiosity-Your subject line should create the curiosity to the customer so that can think about it and open your emails more.

5. Evoke urgency-Use phrases like “Act now” “Only for you hurry” so that your customers/clients fell urgency and act accordingly.

6. Short & Simple-Make sure your subjects are short and simple so that you can get more opens, a not cool subject is not acceptable for email marketing campaign.

7.Email Names-Avoid the emails name like sort of name email to your customers’ client.

8. Surprise-Do not tell your customers/Clients what inside the email just tease them so that they open the email and read.

9. Make your customers/clients fell special-Like write “Just for you” “My gift for you etc

10. Don’t include a question and exclamation in the same subject line-Never include question and exclamation into your email marketing campaign subject.

Finally, you need to write catchy email subject lines which are attractive, cool and serves your audience demand before you send emails because your open and click rate depends on it.

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