How to make your small business email marketing more professional

When you think about to keep in touch with your customers and contacts, what method do you choose? Typically it is by phone, text, email, business website, social media or another channel. What do you do to improve your small business email marketing? Which is the easiest for you? Are they comfortable with the method?

According to a recent survey, 60% of people choose emails as their communication method. They are happy to receive updates and promotions from different companies also show interest in that businesses.

Though email is not everyone’s favorite method of communication, email marketing still an effective tool for small business.

Is your small business email marketing is safe to send and earn new and repeat business? Do your emails look professional? Are they able to compete with the other big brands?

Some simple habits can help you to grow your small business email marketing more professional that looks polished, trendy, and of course user-friendly.

1. Use a professional business email address

When you are sending emails to your customers, do you really do this in a professional way? Sometimes we send emails with our Gmail or Yahoo but it does not look professional. So, instead of using your personal Yahoo or Gmail when sending small business email marketing use an address that’s more professional and branded with your business.

Just create a business email address using the same domain as your business website. You can create addresses like this:


If you don’t have a website for your business you can ask one for your small business email marketing to your email marketing service provider.


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2. Always use a branded template

These days, it’s easy to use email template while you send your offers or promotions. So, there’s no excuse acceptable to be sending emails with lack of formatting and branded elements like your company logo. Almost all the email service providers provide a lot of nice and responsive email templates you can use any of them though they have free and paid option. Using a great email template shows you are a professional business and do care for your business.

3. Choose subject lines honestly

For your business email marketers spend hours to find the email subject lines. Great small business email marketing comes to being am honest, helpful resources for your customers.

Don’t use fake or mega creative for your emails subject line. Instead, just use truthful and straightforward subject lines while you send email for small business email marketing.

Pro tips for email subject lines can be helpful

  • Make sure that your email subject lines no longer than 50 characters, keep in mind that the subject line fits on the mobile screen.
  • Offer something mindblowing – Use words like, “exclusive offer” and “tips inside”
  • Avoid regular words like, “free”, “sale”, “help”

You must have to careful with your subject lines otherwise the emails will not even be opened by your potential customers.

4. Use smart and meaningful images

When someone opens your email the first thing they see the images you use in your template. A simple, brand appropriate header images for your emails is a great place to start. Then you can use eye catchy images anywhere relevant to your business offerings.

You must have to use high-quality images because the blurry and low-quality images don’t look professional.

5. Avoid writing boring lines

It’s a very important part of email marketing because that’s the part you put in detail of your business or email purpose. Do you know reading emails ratio actually increased in recent years? That’a really a great news for small business email marketing.

The customers spent only about 11.1 seconds reading each email in 2017

Pro tips to write an 11.1-second email

  • Use headlines, subheads and bullet points.
  • Put image title so that they become more meaningful.
  • Use HTML template instead of too many files and large images so the emails load faster.

6. Careful using language

You need to be careful to choose words while you writing emails for your bulk email marketing campaign. Think differently when writing professional business emails. Anything you write, don’t be rude to your customers.

7. Use call to action

Don’t forget to include a call to action button in your business emails. Every email you send, always are not to sell something but each and every email should be engaging.

Use Call-to-action like this

  • Get a Quote
  • Buy Now
  • Contact Us
  • Follow Us on Facebook

8. Proofread

Read the email you write for small business email marketing 2 or 3 times before you hit the send button.

9. Automation

Most of the [email marketing service providers] have the scheduling capabilities. No one has much time to monitor all the day to send emails for
small business email marketing. So, it’s very important to automate your emails.

Hope these tips help you to grow your small business.

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