Game of Email Marketing

Game of Email Marketing

Well, winter is finally here and I am sure you all are excited about your favourite house. ADN Email would like to share some shed on Game of Email Marketing.

John Snow

Stay connect To the Purpose

Just like Jon Snow, in terms of Email Marketing, you should try to stay true to the purpose of your email campaign. You must find out the objective- Do you want to celebrate 1 year anniversary or Send them birthday mail or rewarding your regular client. Make sure you know your true objective of doing Email marketing.

Arya Stark

Be Adaptive to be Successful

The Daughter of Ned Stark has displayed her adaptability trait and survived every battle. Similarly, Email Marketing is no different. You can start a selected customer base at first then you need to expand your database by adapting to the latest trends.  Be adaptive with the trend adding eye-catching variations like embedded video, animation or interactive elements in your Email.

Daenerys Targaryen

Earn the loyalty of your customers

As the Mother of Dragons sets March to Westeros with her army of Unsullied, you cannot help but wonder the loyalty her army has shown towards her. Similarly, you have some loyal customers. Shower them with special offer and discount via Email Marketing.

Don’t lose your heart if you have a smaller subscriber base. Just like Daenerys back then, she also had a small army. So, didn’t stop now. Always build your subscriber base. Then, reward them with loyalty plan and increase your client engagement. You can see for yourself how slowly but surely you create your own loyalty customer list.


Jamie Lannister

Brave enough to take the chance

Jamie Lannister has been taking the bravery steps, throughout the entire series. He has been taking challenges and the odds generally work in his favor. Be it his stabbing the Mad King or his secret expedition to Dorne. He is always there to survive.
Similarly, it is like to step out of your comfort zone and build your Email in a conventional manner where you can develop the content, subject line and try out a different campaign at a different time of the day/week. From, each campaign tries to figure out what’s working for you and what’s not. Once you have figured out the right time to attack, go ahead with the solid campaign.

Cersei Lannister

Unsubscribes – Burn them all

Now the positive take from this for email marketers is to burn down your email subscriber list, ‘burn’ out the email addresses of the clients who have opted to unsubscribe and let go of the clients who have been inactive for a long time now! As harsh as this might be it will be helpful in the longer run. Not to mention that there are thousands of new subscriber to approach out there. So, start proposing Alliance right away!

marketing campaignConclusion

Like most marketing efforts, becoming successful with email marketing is a process. Let’s take some tips from our experts regarding Email Marketing-

  • Be personalize your Emails,
  • Use relevant information
  • Build a loyal customer base list
  • Reward them with something special
  • Send Timely Emails at proper intervals
  • Adapt your Email to the latest trends.

It’s a combination of good planning and analyzing data to make improvements to your campaigns, but the only way to learn and improve is to get out there and start emailing!

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