Email Marketing for Promoting Events

Events are the most prestigious tool to promote through Email. Email marketing has a different pattern which suits specific kind of business of course. Using Email Marketing for Promoting Events is one of a kind that goes smoothly.

You will obviously find It interesting to promote events through Email Marketing promotion.

Email Marketing for Promoting Events

Now we are going to an important point. How events are being promoted through Email Marketing?

Let’s try to find out the reasons behind it:

Event Notification (Registration Open)

If you belong to the specific Target Group (TG) and waiting for the registration link; you will be definitely more than happy to get the registration link in your inbox.

Event Schedule:

The event means formal communication. You should send a schedule or agenda of the event to your attendees/ participants/ potential participants. This should be circulated in a written way of communication. What else can be the best tool to circulate formal written communication other than Email?

Obviously, you won’t find any other better option than this.

Event’s Activities breakdown:

You can also send proper details & event’s activities details. Let’s make an Email Marketing plan for arranging any event.

-Pre-Event Email Marketing

-Post-Event Email Marketing

Why not we try to explain a little bit?

Pre-Event Email Marketing Plan:

I’m pointing out some ‘To Dos’ here. You may check back if it fits for you or not:

  • You have to send the Initial event announcement message to the potential attendees.
  • Call for Early bird registration via Email.
  • Teaser posts.
  • Date announcement: Need to send a professional Email at least once regarding the announcement of the event’s date. A static post would be great to promote the starting date.
  • Speaker/ Guest introduction: It will be the key factor to grab the maximum attraction of potential attendees. You may easily grab the spotlight by showcasing your speakers via Email Marketing.
  •  Profile Showcase: Showcasing profile is one of the best tricks that work like ‘celebrity endorsement’. Even the stars can be the best reasons to attract your potential ticket buyers. So why would you miss the opportunity to earn some Penney for your business?
  • The gist of last year’s event: Attendees always wanted to check the previous event’s log, screenshots & video clips to decide whether they should participate or not. In that case, a glimpse of the previous events may help to clear the air of potential attendee’s minds.
Email Marketing for Promoting Events
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Post-Event Email Marketing:

You may feel happy after finishing the event as you have done the event successfully. So what would be the next step? Still, you need to do Email Marketing to the clients for maintaining a healthy relationship with potential clients. Business responsibly is all yours. You must do the needful works to make the event successful in terms of revenue. So you have to make the reminder posts as well to buzz an alarm to the potential customers/ clients again and again as people always forget the event date.

How would you maintain the relationship?

You need to keep people engaged with what happened at the event after finishing the event also.

Thank you message –

You must say thanks to the attendees & participants as you will need them eventually for the upcoming events & programs. Don’t forget to mention their name on the email body.

News/ Article/ Blogpost/ Slideshare about the Event:

You better promote your events by doing content marketing. For this, you can publish blog posts/articles/ news about the event and circulate it through Email Marketing.

Heads up regarding Next Event:

You should start promoting your next event through Email Marketing. As the event is fresh & people are talking about it, you should take the chance instantly.

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