Everything You Need To Know About Direct Email Marketing

It’s tough getting a brand new product off the ground and into the market. For every product that one person has, there are probably three or four just like it on the market – and those are just the established products.

This is why direct email marketing is so important, so let’s talk more about it. Because of this, fledgling business owners will turn to direct email marketing without realizing the dangers involved.

Direct Email Marketing

Direct to email marketing is just what it sounds like – marketing to consumers through email. It’s a part of the email marketing campaign. However, not many realize that this practice is actually illegal. This kind of email, however, is considered a “spam” email – in other words, it’s unwanted and unsolicited mail and it’s likely the recipient doesn’t want it. Doing this is actually illegal in several states, Washington and Virginia among them, and you can be sued in small claims civil court for sending out this unsolicited mail.

And that’s not the only recourse that someone has if they decide that they are being harassed. If someone decides they are being harassed, they can complain about their Internet Service Provider. It’s easier for them to shut down the site than it is to deal with customers who are complaining about receiving unsolicited mail. Some Internet Service Providers will even go so far as to find you anywhere from $20 to $20,000 depending on their Terms of Service.

It is possible to use direct email marketing without resorting to spam, however. Many times, companies both big and small will obtain email addresses from customers who have used their services or purchased their products and email them special offers or advertisements about new products they might like.

They will then take those email addresses and send those customers new information about products or even special offers. This is not considered spam and in fact, will often result in a customer buying more from a company.

Navigating the world of direct email marketing can be very tricky. You have to consider if it’s worth possibly having your product website shut down. Consider if it’s worth a very expensive fine. Remember that people get annoyed and will report you to their ISP. And above all, be respectful in all of your business practices so you can avoid situations like this.

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