4 Buzzkills you should avoid for a successful bulk email marketing campaign

There are so many annoying mistakes email marketers has to face before launching a successful bulk email marketing campaign. Like a typo, grammar and spelling mistakes, dead links, missing medias contents (images, audio or video etc.). Before sending out an email to your customer, you need to watch out for these. However, these are the visible part of buzzkill mistakes of email marketing. You can correct them any time before sending. This is easy to find and replace. So, there are some major buzzkills for email marketing, for which you have to be careful.

To run a successful bulk email marketing campaign, you have to learn about them. In fact, now we will discuss some of them now.

bulk email marketing campaign
Inappropriate Subject line

Subject lines are like the first impression. Whether your email body has like so great content or cheap advertisement, it does not matter. Because your subscriber will judge you based on your subject line. To be honest, nobody has the time to read your entire email and become disappointed or happy. So, they will just look at your subject line first, if it is interesting enough to drag their attention. Only then they will spend their valuable time on your email. It is like you are going to face a new job interview. You have the perfect background for the job and you are prepared and confident too. But the problem is on your way to interview, you pissed off your interviewer by spilling coffee on him unintentionally in the elevator. As a result, you have ruined your first imprison to him. After that, your interviewer might give you angry look during the interview. So, be careful and come up with a meaningful, engaging, simple subject line.

Lack of diverse device optimization

Now this day’s people do not only read emails on pc like back in days. Mobile phone devices are now as efficient as PC. And people often spend the majority of their time on a smartphone rather than a pc. It is easy to carry a smartphone, not a pc. So, design your content according to devices diversity. Otherwise, your whole campaign might face hiccup rather than success.

Miss use of Call to action button (CTA)

Call to action button is an important part of your email. It will help your subscriber to follow a valid link. But for that, you have to know the objective of your button. Abstract, pointless buttons will annoy your subscribers and will not serve you any purpose. So, put a CTA button which will be relevant to your subscriber. However, don’t leave your email’s important links without a button.

Bottom Line is

Before crafting your bulk email marketing campaign beware of this buzzkills. This will decrease your email readability potentiality. So, craft a strategy which will optimize your email and avoid this buzzkill. Just think you this, as a recipient when you will personally receive an annoying email you will avoid it or filter it. That’s why design and craft your content as if you are the subscriber of your own email. Care for your email. Thank you.


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