8 Things to Avoid When Doing Email Marketing

Most companies do email marketing. In fact, more than 294 billion emails are sent every day. This means, you wake up every morning and check your inbox. You’ll most likely see a lot of unread emails. It’s important that you stand out from the other hundreds of emails that your reader will inevitably send to your customers. But, there are a lot of things to avoid when doing email marketing – to get a better result from email marketing.

New email marketing solutions and tools continue to emerge, making it harder for experienced professionals to navigate in the dynamic marketing world and make mistakes easier. But don’t sweat it; we’re going to sort it out. We have prepared a list of common email marketing errors and hot tips to avoid them.

8 Things to Avoid When Doing Email Marketing - ADN Email

Ready to recognize some of the problems? Let’s roll the ball.

  1. Lack of Mobile Optimization

Consider optimization for mobile when emailing customers is vital for your business. Consumers continue to use smartphones to open emails. That’s why it is necessary.

If you don’t optimize your mobile user email marketing, your messages will render poorly and don’t work on most of their devices. Your subscribers are not only likely to delete your email, but they are also less likely to open your next one.

Adestra information suggests that if your email does not display properly on your mobile phone, in seconds nearly 3 out of 4 people will delete the email.

  1. Not having a clear Call-to-Action button

A purpose should be served by your emails. Whether you want to consider buying a product from your customers or to follow you on Instagram, there should be a call for action. It’s important to be clear about what customers are looking for; otherwise, you just crowd their inbox.

However, I warn you not to overdo it with CTAs. You don’t want email recipients to be overwhelmed or confused, where to click.

  1. Telling Buy… Buy… Buy…

It’s important to understand why you’re sending them an email when emailing your customers. Whether it’s increased sales or website traffic, you want to get something out of the relationship. But you still need to foster a relationship with your customers. If every email is focused on selling your products, it will disengage your customers. Try to find a balance between useful content and product offerings.

For example, “if you run a hardware shop, you might be able to send out a weekly newsletter with tips on better completing house or work site projects,” said Moinul Islam, ADN Email’s Product Manager. Mix with this regular content, you might be able to showcase relevant new items for sales.

  1. Inappropriate Subject Line

You need your subject lines to capture your readers’ attention, but this is not an excuse for being overdramatic, hyperbolic or sensational. If you use your subject lines consistently to overestimate what’s in your emails, your contacts will begin to ignore or unsubscribe your emails soon.

This does not mean that you need to be boring. in fact, boring subject lines are likely to be just as bad as overestimated ones. Find the perfect balance between the two and get high open rates without sacrificing your reputation.

Unfortunately, for every brand, there is no recipe that works. But you can and should follow a few rules.

  • Don’t make the viewer mislead. This means that everything you say should be true in the subject line.
  • Don’t say everything. Just cause the recipient’s curiosity, so they’re motivated to click and see your message.
  • Initially put your keywords. Since many recipients will be reading their email on mobile devices, the subject lines will be cropped in mind.

 5. Email Doesn’t Supply a Text Link

People still like links to text. Be sure to include one in the fold above and one in the fold below. And, ALWAYS put it alone on a line.

  1. Not checking the Analytics

It’s incredible to track your open rates and everything, but do you know if the reader makes it to your website, where they can buy it? Well, if you have no idea, you can use Google Analytics to track email subscribers.

For example, from every email campaign, you can see the subscribers who came to your site. You can also look at the most significantly impacting emails, on-site purchases, and so much more.

  1. Your whole email contains a long image

Using only images in the email as a whole. It is typically not optimized for mobile use. Whole content does not appear if the settings of someone are “images off”. What happens if the links to the image break! Sometimes it doesn’t clear what’s clickable.

Most dangerous thing is, filters can consider image-heavy email spam. Looks like a huge ad.

  1. Not using any image at all

Use at least one image within each email. Every split test that we have done shows that people are much more likely to click in the picture.

Final Words

Our list is just a small sample of all common email errors that you can make.

However, our hope is to help you avoid these eight mistakes that harm your email marketing campaign’s success. ADN Email is always here to help you in your email marketing campaigns.

If you are deprived of other common email marketing errors, please share them in the comment section below.

Want more details? Get it touch with us.

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