5 Tips to Get More Sales Lead from Email Marketing

Around 40% marketer stated that leads that were generated from Email marketing are highly convertible.

Read on to find out the top 5 tips to generate leads with Email Marketing-

1. Send Email at the right time

Timing is everything when it comes to Email marketing it gets more crucial. Showing value to somebody’s time. If you are able to send it the right time. Then you might get a few more seconds to open your mail. This will help you gain trust from the start. But, you need you to keep in mind the fact your E-mail content must be informative and interesting.

In order, to do that keep few things in mind to get more sales lead-
– Be brief
– Highlight the key benefits of your service/product
– Familiarize your products/services to the right audience
– Mention how your service/product can solve the problems of your perspective
– Include exact CTA button
– Provide a solution to their problems
– Use trust building words

2. Start with a strong introduction

Your intro should be your best trigger point. So use it wisely. If you want to make a great impression, never missed to nail it. You can start with your name, Your Company’s name then gives a short overview of service/product you are offering.

Then the next step is to focus on the needs, interest and expertise and the core value of the service/product.

Email Marketing
3. Improve the design and content copy

Always keep in mind that a great Email design can attract the audience. Use keywords when drafting the Email. It will get instant attention. Also, the prospect may respond immediately. CTAs are also important, things like an invitation to sign up for a demo should be in the center of your email.
The CTR doesn’t reflect your campaign’s in terms of monetary value. But it’s a good indication of engagement. It tells you a lot about the campaign quality.

4. Fill your game with politeness and confidence

Make sure to use power words, especially in the subject line. Make the reader curious. Words like “limited,” “valuable,” “eye-catchy,” “key,” “little known,” “exciting,” “amazing,” etc. will make your email MUCH more effective. But don’t go over the board. Using this words will make your audience curious. Also, these will add a sense of urgency to your offer.

5 Tips to Get More Sales Lead from Email Marketing
5. Follow up!

Sending emails constantly every day is annoying. It also does you no good. Instead, consider following up after two weeks or so. You can either send a follow-up email or leave a voicemail to confirm whether they have received your previous mail.
If you still get no response then move on to other leads. Perhaps you need to make some changes in your approach. Re-check your wording, email template, keyword or any other element which is causing a problem.


Implement these 5 tips to your strategy. It will surely improve your sales. Generating leads and converting through Email marketing and is easy if done the right way. At the same time, help them in identifying their issues. Politely show them you know the best way to come out from their problems. This will make your Email campaign stand out.

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