3 important questions to answer before starting an email marketing campaign

In this highly digitalized arena, Marketers are highly concern about their promotional expenditure. In former times, marketers used to spend a lot on ATL and BTL Promotion that includes Television Commercials, Radio Advertisements, Billboard Advertisements, Event Activations, Sponsorships, Press Releases, SMS Marketing. At the present time, there has been a paradigm shift in the marketing strategy. People are now investing in the digital sector nowadays. Digital promotions are more personalized than the ATL and BTL promotions because you can have interactions with your audience in the digital arena. Email Marketing is one of the digital marketing methods that has been taken by enormous professionals in the industry. Whenever you are thinking of pursuing email marketing, you should answer some questions first.

3 important questions to answer before starting an email marketing campaign3 Wh Questions that you should keep in mind for email marketing

When you are crafting an email marketing strategy, you have to have a good vision of your email marketing campaign. Without specific a set of objectives, you will be puzzled at some corner of your campaign. You need an IP and a server to run email marketing campaigns.Otherwise, you will be in a fix when you have to provide explanations to your management. They will ask for objectives and results and you will be unable to present structured answers.

That is why be as clear as possible with this 4 Wh Questions, crack them first and then start the email marketing campaign.

1. Why

2. Who

3. When


The first question that you should answer before starting an email marketing campaign is that why you want to do email marketing. Do you want to achieve sales from your email campaigns or do you want your brand to be recognized by others or do you want to send promotional offers to your audience? Most of the businesses stuck in their campaigns because they could not define their goals at the outset. Because of this, they can’t properly initiate their campaigns. You have to define your goals and then you could give a thought considering email marketing.


Many marketers have witnessed negative results because they couldn’t segment the target market properly. Depending on your business, you should define your audience first to whom you want to market and promote your products and services. If you can fix your audience initially, it would be easier for you to go far with any campaigns that you will want to initiate in the future. If the marketers couldn’t define their audience, most of their investment will go vain drastically.


Timing is an indispensable factor for an email marketing campaign. There are plenty of competitors who are fighting to make customers recognize their brands from every perspective. An email marketer should craft a schedule for email marketing campaigns. How many times do they want to send emails to their audience? Whether it is once in a day or once in a week or once in a month. If the marketer can define the schedule of their campaigns, it would be easier for them to support the goals of the overall company objectives.

Clarifying the 3 Wh questions as early as possible can maintain sustainability within the campaigns. Take time more than you need in finding answers to those question. If you come up with wrong directions, it may drown your business horribly. So take time to find the solution those questions.

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