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Which marketing tool has the best lead conversion ration? Can you guess? The answer is Email Marketing (According to B2Bboundmarketer’s report: email marketing converted recipients to leads at a 2.9% rate. By comparison, organic search traffic had a 1.45% conversion ratio and social media had a 1.22% conversion rate).

When it comes to a Technology company purpose, Email Marketing will definitely have a good impact on spreading brand awareness. The following points will guide you to do effective Email Marketing for technology companies.


Know Your Target Groups:


Sort out the target group according to your company’s offerings. If your company doesn’t have the offerings/ products to the specific group, then don’t show the specific offerings to them. Make a segment for this target group and then go for the Email Marketing Campaign. What will happen if you send the wrong promotional email to the wrong group of people? Most of them will click the unsubscribe button & at the end of the day, your invested money will all be wasted. On the other hand, they will also consider the Email as spam. As a result, the person will warn others by telling them not to use the service. Ultimately your business will be hampered after spending money on Email Marketing.

Use Email Marketing for Launching Products:

Your company must have a service for sale. Name that service as a product and launch the product through Email Marketing. Such as Count ‘software’ as a product for your company. Then make a creative regarding the offer, create an image & send it to the potential clients via Email Marketing. Make sure your creative contains upsell and cross-sell new products to your entire prospect and customer base.


Measure Your Results & Do Accordingly:


You must analyze the results of Email Marketing that you have done so far. Go to the statistics part & get the result. You have to analyze the report according to:

-Open Ratio

-Click Report

-Subscribe/ Unsubscribe List

-Bounce Ratio & Reported Ratio


Keep Your Customer Updated & Get Feedback to Innovate:

Don’t forget to share your latest company and product news in a regularly scheduled newsletter. On the other hand, use customer feedback to innovate new projects. You need to keep in mind that the latest technology has been updating every day. So you have to be updated about the latest tech. You need to teach your customers according to requirements from the client’s end.  On the other hand, your customers also need to learn about the latest technology to keep forwarding with their Business.


Value for Money:

It’s obvious that some of your emails will go to the spam folder, but we can assure you that you will forget about those wasted emails as you will get a healthy number of Email count which will be delivered in the inbox.  So your value for money will be ensured. Email Marketing is one of the cheapest tools that can grab a maximum number of coverage in terms of marketing. So why don’t you try it now for your IT business as you have to grab potential customers to make sure enough revenue comes from the customer’s end.


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